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About Piranhas

Piranhas Brazil

Discover the captivating culture and scenery of São Gondó, located just 6.2 miles from Hotel Xique Xique. Explore Curralinho too – an equally charming city lies only a mere 6.2 miles away! Adventure further afield with Paulo Afonso Airport at your disposal – it’s only 45.4 miles from here! Additionally, Piranhas is situated near Alagoas’ western border – founded in 1891 as Floriano Peixoto, this location has rich history that borders along the magnificent São Francisco River for close proximity to Sergipe!

 Visit Piranhas to feast your eyes on the preserved colonial architecture, explore local markets for a genuine Brazilian experience, and enjoy some of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil. With something for everyone – from river cruises to regional restaurants offering delicious cuisine – it’s no surprise that this vibrant destination has become an increasingly popular tourist spot! Don’t miss out on what Piranhas has to offer – come and see why so many people adore this city firsthand. You’re sure to have an unforgettable time!